New Style Followers

Infinity Firearms® now has a new series of followers for enhanced performance. Each of these new followers is color-coded as to caliber and application. In addition, the competition followers provide an extra round of capacity in pre-ban, export and law enforcement magazines.

Invinity Follower Color Code

Color Caliber Type
Red 40 S&W Competition
Green 40 S&W Standard
Blue 38 Super Competition
Purple 38 Super Standard
Black 45 ACP Standard

Installation Instructions

CAUTION: Always wear eye protection when handling springs. In addition to the obvious danger of handling compressed springs, any cutting on a spring may result in a flying piece of material.

The followers are direct replacements for our earlier design, however, it is necessary to clip the top coil of the spring at the 12:00 position, as shown on the diagram to the right. (Just remove the part shown with the dotted line).

The diagram on the right shows a “top view” of a spring, with the top of the diagram corresponding to the part of the spring which faces the front of the magazine. This will result in the removal of approximately 1/8″ off the end of the spring. When your springs are clipped in this manner the top part of the spring will “snap” into the follower prior to assembly in the magazine.

Our current production springs incorporate this change and do not need to be cut. If you obtained your springs from us at the same time you obtained “old style” followers, you will need to make this cut.